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Action Plans for Specific Emergencies/Disasters

 Volcanic Activity
Volcanic Activity
  1. Volcanic activity occurs in areas of seismic activity. It can involve the release of noxious gas and eruptions of molten rock that may occur as lava flows or be airborne. Volcanic activity on O‘ahu is very rare.
  2. Warning
    1. Seismic activity can be measured and any suspicious increase will result in action by the responsible State Departments and the State and County Civil Defense Agencies. Information, advisories, alerts and warnings will be issued by the State and County via the EAS.
    2. Should any volcanic activity start, State or the County Civil Defense Agencies may issue evacuation orders depending on the severity and location of the volcanic activity or eruption.
  3. Required Actions
    1. The UHM EMT will contact SCD and take appropriate action depending on the severity of the problem.
      1. The EMT may activate the ERC and will issue information and pass on advisories, alerts and warnings to the University community.
      2. The EMT will pass on all evacuation orders issued by SCD or the County and assure that evacuation plans are executed and completed.
      3. The EMT will assure that lines of communication are opened with the State and County and reports of any problems encountered are promptly reported.
    2. If classes are in session and alerts or warnings are issued, the following emergency actions should be followed:
      1. Keep tuned to a local EAS radio or TV station for the latest advisories.
      2. Check the UHM Campus Security website for the latest instructions for the University community.
      3. Seek shelter in designated buildings on Campus if instructed to do so. Persons responsible for buildings, classrooms or laboratories shall ensure that all handicapped persons have been assisted to reach a shelter.