Mānoa Campus Emergency Management Program
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Action Plans for Specific Emergencies/Disasters

 Utility Outages
Utility Outages
  1. Electricity and water utilities are essential to the operation of all campus facilities and any disruption will require immediate remediation by the Office of Facilities and Grounds. Prolonged outages in part or all of the campus will negatively affect students and personnel and may result in an emergency situation where classes and operations may be suspended. Outages or interruptions of gas/LPS and telecommunications services are usually not serious and usually can be rectified in a short period of time. Outages of this type will not result in suspension of classes or operations.
  2. Warning
    1. There are no warnings for utility outages, except for planned outages, and outages usually occur as the result of other disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.
  3. Required Actions
    1. Electrical Outage.
      1. Report all electrical outages to the Office of Facilities and Grounds at 956-7134. The Campus telephone system will work as the telephone central office has back-up power, however be patient as there may not be any ring tone at the receiving phone. Also, use a cell phone to contact Facilities or the Campus Security Office at 956-6911. In the case of a complete power outage, the EMT and Departmental Response Teams should report to their designated locations.
      2. Disconnect all equipment that could be damaged by a power surge before electricity is restored. Turn off lights, appliances, window air conditioners and other devices to reduce the power requirements for restoration. Facilities will take action to turn off large electrical equipment at all the facilities on the Mānoa campus.
      3. Evacuate the building or facility if safety of personnel is a problem.
    2. Water Outage.
      1. Report all water outages or pipe breaks to the Office of Facilities and Grounds at 956-7134. Facilities will send their maintenance personnel to investigate the problem and will fix any problem within their capability. Facilities will report major line breaks to the City and coordinate repairs with them.
      2. Turn off all water faucets and taps. Conserve remaining water resources until restored.
      3. Facilities, through their Office of Building Services, may restrict the use of restrooms in affected buildings. Personnel will be directed to the closest building where restrooms are operational.
      4. Should the water outage affect large sections of the campus or the entire campus, classes and operations, except for essential workers, may be suspended.
    3. Gas/LPS Outage.
      1. Close all outlets and shut off all flame or heat producing equipment and devices as a leak may have occurred.
      2. If the smell of gas is strong, immediately notify all personnel in the area and vicinity to evacuate. Always evacuate any area where air exchange is poor if any kind of leak in your building is detected or announced.
    4. Telecommunications Outage.
      1. Should both telephone and computers go down, contact the Office of Information and Technology Services via wireless connection or by cell phone at 956-8111.
      2. If all forms of electronic communications are down, prepare to send messages via personnel who are able to walk or drive from office to office.