Mānoa Campus Emergency Management Program
Landslides and Mudslides
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 Landslides and Mudslides
Landslides and Mudslides
  1. Landslides normally occur due to wet weather, earthquakes and other conditions that destabilize the soil or rock formations. Mudslides normally occur due to a combination of wet weather and volcanic activity. Landslides occur frequently on the island of O‘ahu due to the age and condition of its mountains and geologic structures.
  2. Warning
    1. Landslides and mudslides cannot be predicted and warnings can only occur after an event occurs.
    2. Should a landslide occur, the Police should be notified via 911. They will inform the local County Civil Defense Agency who will decide if the EAS will be used to issue alerts and warnings.
  3. Required Actions
    1. University facilities located in areas where landslides and mudslides can occur should take the necessary actions to plan for and prepare emergency procedures.
    2. University facilities should report any areas where landslides and mudslides can occur to the UHM EMT via Campus Security. The EMT will take the necessary action to survey and research potential problems and make a report concerning possible problems and mitigation if necessary.
    3. University facilities should report any landslides or mudslides to Campus Security if they occur on their property or near their property if it affects access to their facility.
    4. If the EMT determines it is necessary, they will report landslides and mudslides to the State and County Civil Defense Agencies. The EMT will also determine if alert and warnings will be issued via the Campus Security website.