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 Bomb Threats and Explosions
Bomb Threats and Explosions
  1. Bomb threats can occur on government facilities. Universities and other schools have gotten bomb threats in the past and will have to handle bomb threats in the future. A bomb threat can turn into an explosion and precautionary plans are necessary to prevent or minimize damage.

    Excessive heat, leaking gas, faulty equipment, ignitable material and chemical reactions can cause explosions. Explosions on University facilities can occur as a result of operations or research. The extent of damage, destruction, fire, casualties and operational disruptions depends on the type and magnitude of the explosion.
  2. Warning
    1. Emergency plans are necessary to handle bomb threats and potential explosions. Plans should include procedures that may include warning signs where potential explosions may occur as a result of normal operations or research.
    2. In most cases, there are no warnings of impending explosion as the cause cannot be controlled and will normally occur without notice.
  3. Required Actions
    1. Bomb threat.
      1. If a bomb threat is received by telephone, use the Checklist provided by Campus Security and immediately notify them at 956-6911.
      2. Inform supervisor or department head.
      3. Campus Security will immediately dispatch Officers to the location and assist in building evacuation if necessary.
      4. If a suspicious package, container or object is found, report it immediately to Campus Security. Do not touch, move or open it and keep others from doing same. Campus Security will determine if assistance from the Honolulu Police Department Bomb Squad is necessary.
      5. If instructed to move away from the building/location, move a safe distance away or into another building. Do not return or re-enter building until instructed that it is safe to do so.
    2. Explosion.
      1. If an explosion occurs or has possibility of occurring, the person in charge or person in authority will activate the fire alarm and immediately order the evacuation of the building. Evacuate to a pre-designated open area to assemble and conduct accountability check.
      2. The person in charge will notify Campus Security immediately by calling 956-6911 and provide information on the location and problem encountered. Campus Security will dispatch a Security Officer to the scene to assist in evacuation, crowd control and provide status reports back to Campus Security. Campus Security will immediately notify the EMT and request medical assistance if necessary.
      3. Do not attempt rescue as additional explosions may occur. Render first aid if necessary.