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 Biological Outbreak
Biological Outbreak
  1. Biological outbreak can be caused by natural occurrence or accidental release of biologic agents, introduced viruses and diseases brought into Hawai‘i via humans or animals and through bioterrorism which is the intentional release of biologic agents that can cause illness and death. The State has a plan for biological outbreak and the University is an integral part of the State’s Plan to combat any type of biological outbreak.
  2. Warning
    1. Federal and State agencies will issue advisories and warnings of biological outbreak in the United States and in Hawaii. Advisories and warnings are issued via the media.
    2. Should any local biological outbreaks occur that affects the UHM Community, the University Health Services Mānoa (UHSM) Office will issue an advisory or warning via their website, the EMT and the Director of Communications.
  3. Required Actions
    1. When the University Community is affected, Vice Chancellors will assure that all students and employees are informed of the advisories and warnings.
    2. All students and employees should take the necessary precautions and actions advised by UHSM, State Health Department and Federal Health agencies. This may include isolation or quarantine orders.
    3. If infected, go to your medical care giver or the UHSM Office for medical treatment.
    4. Report all cases and incidences of contact with the various types of biological outbreak to the appropriate State Health agency as instructed in advisories.