Mānoa Campus Emergency Management Program
Kamehameha Park Grandstand after Earthquake - October 2006, photo by State SCD   Hisaoka Gym after Earthquake - October 2006, photo by State SCD
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Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

What is HSEEP?
  • HSEEP is a capabilities-based exercise program that provides standardized methodology and consistent terminology for designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating exercises.
  • The program was established by Homeland Security to provide tools and resources to help build self sustaining exercise programs, to test emergency plans and procedures, and to improve our nation’s preparedness for emergencies and disasters.
What is the purpose of HSEEP?
  • The purpose of HSEEP is to build self sustaining exercise programs and provide a standardized methodology for designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating all exercises.
Why is HSEEP important?
  • It provides Federal, State, tribal and local governments the tools and resources needed to build and maintain self-sustaining exercise programs.
  • It provides the guidelines for planning improvements learned from conducting exercises.
  • Along with Emergency Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans, HSEEP will allow us to know what emergency resources are available and be prepared for all types of emergencies and disasters.
Who is responsible for the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program?
  • Senior Leadership – The Chancellor and assigned administrative staff are responsible for establishing the HSEEP for the Mānoa campus.
How can we accomplish HSEEP responsibilities?
  • The UHM Emergency Management Program is responsible for providing the coordination and guidelines for establishing HSEEP on the Mānoa campus.
  • Individual schools, colleges and offices can establish their own HSEEP to improve their preparedness. Training can be requested from the Emergency Management Program.