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Kamehameha Park Grandstand after Earthquake - October 2006, photo by State SCD   Hisaoka Gym after Earthquake - October 2006, photo by State SCD
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Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Whats is COOP?
  • Ensures continuous system availability so that operations can continue as expected.
  • Ensures continuation of leadership by establishing an order of succession for key management and operational personnel.
  • Specifies plans for delegation of authority and for the execution of essential functions. These plans ensure that an agency can sustain operational capability for an extended period in the event an emergency or disaster results in dismantlement of that agencies operational facilities and/or capabilities.
What COOP is not.
  • COOP is not Emergency Management Planning which is intended to ensure the safety of personnel and property.
Why is COOP important?
  • Ensures the continuous performance of essential functions/operations.
  • Mitigates disruptions to operations.
  • Protects essential records, equipment and assets.
  • Maintains a high level of readiness.
  • Maximizes the use of existing critical infrastructures, facilities and resources.
Who is responsible for Continuity of Operations?
  • Senior Leadership - The President, the Chancellor, the Dean, the Director and their administrative staff are responsible for assuring that essential responsibilities within their organizations are carried out during and after a disaster.
How can we accomplish Continuity of Operations Planning?
  • Senior Leadership will establish COOP Management Teams that will be made up of key personnel from all identified essential operational functions.
Where can we get guidance on how to establish a Continuity of Operations Plan for our organization?
  • The University of Hawai‘i is in the first phase of establishing a COOP Program. A COOP Program Manager may be appointed in the future to provide COOP guidance and assistance.
  • The School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene with the assistance of the UHM Emergency Management Coordinator will take the leadership role in establishing COOP plans and the guidance for other Colleges, Schools and Departments.
  • The Guideline for Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) can be found in the link on Emergency Information.