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For everyone: Change the way you think/talk about education. For example, say "She obtained her education..." instead of "She received her education...". And think "How can I engage in learning?" instead of "Is the teacher engaging me?"

For upper-elementary/middle school teachers: Have students watch the Gift video and then write a response to "Why is learning like opening a wrapped present?"

For high school counselors/administrators: Organize a poster contest for students to create education-related posters based on one of the PSAs. For example, see the Education is a Gift poster (PDF).

For families: Watch the PSAs and discuss the messages and how they apply to you.

For community meetings/events: Play the PSAs before the start of your meeting/event for the audience to watch.

For agencies/organizations: Organize (in partnership with your local cable, network, and PBS stations and businesses) a PSA contest in which school teams develop their own messages/scripts after watching the Education PSAs. Winning entries will be finalized and broadcast throughout the year.

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These are awesome...and the message is so simple! I would love to get these to our local cable access for them to use for PSAs. And statewide also. -Assistant Principal, Frankfort, KY

This set of PSAs is the missing piece of a media campaign needed to prevent truancy and deliquency. -Former Police Officer, Morton, IL

The positive message comes quickly, is well received and inspiring.
You have proven there is a way to get a message across without resorting to the latest trends/fads. You've chosen instead to speak the language of the silent majority. Bravo! -Pediatrician, Aiea, HI

Those [Education PSAs] are GREAT!!! Good work! -Truancy Officer, Winfield, KS

Awesome spots! All your points make good sense. I am going to watch them again now. I just love the spots. -VP for Development, WTVP, Peoria, IL

Simplicity is powerful–evokes emotion, demands attention. [The] music is perfect!" -Truancy Court Judge, Indianapolis, IN

Share your comments and good ideas! Send us an email to info[at]educationpsa[dot]org and tell us your impressions of the Education PSAs and/or how you will use the Education PSAs with children, youth, adolescents, parents, and/or families. We will add good ideas to this website to share with others.

To order the Education PSAs DVD with the Dreams, Test, and Gift PSAs, print and complete the Order Form (PDF*) and submit as instructed on the form.
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Also, Hawaii Department of Education personnel can order via Teleschool the Education PSAS on DVD or VHS.

If you have any questions or comments about the PSAs, email us at info[at]educationpsa[dot]org or call (808) 956-7341.


Link to Communicator Awards 2006 Video competition awardees.

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Thank you & kudos to all the photography talent for their time and contributions. Special thanks to CFFC, Noelani Ching, Kelli Chong, Kristell Corpuz, Brian Day, DOJ-OJJDP, Edean DeMello, Vanessa Fidele, Hawaii DOE, Jodi Heilbrunn, Curtis Ho, Angela Kaiwikuamoohoihou, Faye Korenaga, Geoffrey Kucera, John Morris, Lori Nakamura, Valerie Mariano, Debbie Nishimoto, Neil Pateman, Jeff Phillips, Ken Seeley, Kris Tabisola, Kelly Watanabe, Gwen Wong, Kaylene Yee, Don Young, and Larry Zane for all your help and support.
  Credits (PSAs):
Roy Kimura, Director-Photographer
Patrick Nakamura, Writer-Producer
Del Nakamura, co-Writer (Dreams)
Aron Nelson, Music Composer-Video Editor
Ross Okamura, Line Producer
Shawn Takabayashi, Music Mixer




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