More Japan Film and Documentary Acquisitions

Recent Japan-related film and documentary acquisitions by Wong AV, Sinclair Library:

Bashing (feature film about a young woman who was kidnapped in Iraq and her cold reception
when she returns to Japan, 2005), Director: Kobayashi Masahiro
Call number: DVD 8202

Castle of Sand (feature film, 2003), Director: Nomura Yoshitaro
Call number: DVD 8250

The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches on (documentary on soldierns in WWII, 1987), Director: Kobayashi Sachiko
Call number: DVD 8254

Japan’s Longest Day (feature film on 8/15/1945, 1967), Director: Okamoto Kihachi
Call number: DVD 8255

Kamikaze Girls (feature film, 2004), Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Call number: DVD 8019

Love and Honor (feature film about a samurai and his wife, 2006), Director: Kimura Takuya
Call number: DVD 8248

Red Angel (feature film about the story of a military nurse, 1966), Director: Masumura Yasuzo
Call number: DVD 8249

Tokyo Streets (documentary on street life, fashion, 2007), Director: Charles Hieronymi
Call number: DVD 8284

Tragedy of Japan (feature film about a single mother, 1953), Director: Kinoshita Keisuke
Call number: DVD 8252

Young Thugs–Innocent Blood (feature film, 1997), Director: Miike Takashi
Call number: DVD 8251

In Search of Takeda Omi’s Legacy: The Karakuri Ningyô

Location: Moore 319, Tokioka Room
Date: Thurs., March 5, 2009
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm

Dr. Holly Blumner
Associate Professor
Theater, Film, and Media Studies,
St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Paper Abstract:
Among the many theatrical entertainments in Japan during the Edo period were mechanical puppets with clockwork mechanisms. The puppets, attributed to Osaka theatre owner Takeda Omi, were popular in theatre performances across the Kyoto-Osaka region until 1768. Gradually, puppets and onstage puppeteers replaced the mechanical puppets.

Today, festival puppets are carved and assembled using instruction manuals dating back to 1760. The puppets perform at festivals throughout Japan. This presentation examines the karakuri puppet phenomenon at Osaka’s Takeda Theatre from 1662-1768 and the continuing legacy.

Japan Global Roundtable

Location: Kuykendall 106, Events Room & Gallery
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009
Time: 12:00-1:15 pm

The Office of Faculty Development & Academic Support (OFDAS),
The Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for International & Exchange Programs (OIEP), and
the School of Pacific & Asian Studies (SPAS) present

Japan Global Roundtable: A Round Table Series with Faculty and Graduate Students with International Academic Interests

In these highly interactive brown bag events, faculty and graduate students are invited to present on activities, projects, and international academic interests on selected countries. This year’s focus is the Pacific and Asia and spring semester includes Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and Thailand.

Please bring your lunch and a friend and be prepared to enjoy a lively exchange!

Please register for each event online at: