More Japan Film and Documentary Acquisitions

Recent Japan-related film and documentary acquisitions by Wong AV, Sinclair Library:

Bashing (feature film about a young woman who was kidnapped in Iraq and her cold reception
when she returns to Japan, 2005), Director: Kobayashi Masahiro
Call number: DVD 8202

Castle of Sand (feature film, 2003), Director: Nomura Yoshitaro
Call number: DVD 8250

The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches on (documentary on soldierns in WWII, 1987), Director: Kobayashi Sachiko
Call number: DVD 8254

Japan’s Longest Day (feature film on 8/15/1945, 1967), Director: Okamoto Kihachi
Call number: DVD 8255

Kamikaze Girls (feature film, 2004), Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Call number: DVD 8019

Love and Honor (feature film about a samurai and his wife, 2006), Director: Kimura Takuya
Call number: DVD 8248

Red Angel (feature film about the story of a military nurse, 1966), Director: Masumura Yasuzo
Call number: DVD 8249

Tokyo Streets (documentary on street life, fashion, 2007), Director: Charles Hieronymi
Call number: DVD 8284

Tragedy of Japan (feature film about a single mother, 1953), Director: Kinoshita Keisuke
Call number: DVD 8252

Young Thugs–Innocent Blood (feature film, 1997), Director: Miike Takashi
Call number: DVD 8251

Japan Film Acquisitions

Thirty-two Japan-related films have been acquired for the Wong AV Center, Sinclair Library. Funding for the acquisitions came from a grant from the Japanese Studies Endowment, Center for Japanese Studies.

All about our House (film, 2006), Director: Mitani Koki
Call number: DVD 7832

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (film, 2006), Director: Watanabe Takeshi
Call number: DVD 8209

Black Rain (film based on the novel Black Rain by Ibuse Masuji, 1988), Director: Shohei Imamura
Call number: DVD 7512

Bullet Ballet (film, 2005), Director: Tsukamoto Shinya
Call number: DVD 8277

Cha no aji (film, 2003), Director: Ishii Katsuhito
Call number: DVD 8078

Densha otoko [Train man] (film, 2007), Director: Yamada Takayuki
Call number: DVD 7787

Dragon Painter (film, orig. released in 1919), featuring Sesshu Hayakawa
Call number: DVD 7887

Drunken Angel (film, orig. released in 1948), Director: Kurosawa Akira
Call number: DVD 8094

The Great Happiness Space (documentary on male escort services, 2006), Director: Jake Clennell
Call number: DVD 6526

Hana, the Tale of a Reluctant Samurai (film, 2005), Director: Koreeda Hirokazu
Call number: DVD 8201

Hotel Hibiscus (Okinawa) (film, 2002), Director: Nakae Yuji
Call number: DVD 7247

Hula Girls (film, 2007), Director: Lee Sang-Il
Call number: DVD 8012

Japan Journeys on the Tokaido (documentary, 2004), Company: Planete Bleue Communication
Call number: 8101

Mayonaka no Yaji san and Kita san [Yaji and Kita: the midnight pilgrims] (film, 2005), Director: Kudo Kankuro
Call number: DVD 8080

Mishima a Life in Four Chapters (film, 1985), Director: Paul Schrader
Call number: DVD 7227

Nihongami no sekai [World of traditional hairstyles] (documentary, 2004), Director: Ishihara Tetsuo
Call number: DVD 7241

Nobi Fires on the Plain (film, orig. released in 1959), Director: Ichikawa Kon
Call number: 8024

Otoko wa tsurai yo [Tora-san, our lovable tramp] (film, 1969), Director: Yamada Yoji
Call number: DVD 7569

Peep “TV” Show (film, 2003), Director: Tsuchiya Yutaka
Call number: DVD 8099

Private Life of a Masterpiece (documentary on Hokusai, 2004), Director: Bob Bentley, BBC films
Call number: DVD 7345

Repercussions (documentary on environmental challenges, 2007), Director: Anton Fischlin
Call number: DVD 7792

Rikidozan (film, 2004), Director: Song Hae-song
Call number: 7052

Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent or Paranoia Agent (anime, 2004), Director: Kon Satoshi
Call number: DVD 7961

Sansho the Bailiff (film, 1954), Director: Nagata Masaichi
Call number: 8088

Shall We Dance? (film, 1996), Director: Suo Masayuki
Call number: 8022

Shinobi Heart under Blade (film, 2007), Director: Shimoyama Ten
Call number: DVD 8013

Sway Producer, Kiichi Kumagai (film, 2006), Director: Nishikawa Miwa
Call number: DVD 8095

Ten Nights of Dreams (film, 2008), Director: Kon Ichikawa
Call number: DVD 8100

Trilogy about Clouds (anime, 1992-2005), Director: Tsuji Naoyuki
Call number: DVD 6023

Who’s Camus Anyway? (film, 2006), Director: Yoshikawa Hinano
Call number: DVD 8081

Wild Life Producers (gangster film, 2005), Director: Aoyama Shinji
Call number: DVD 8177

Wings of Defeat (documentary on the kamikaze pilots, 2007), Director: Morimoto Risa
Call number: DVD 8089