Teacher training programs are the backbone of the NRCEA Outreach.  UHM focuses resources on supporting, with key partners, East Asian languages teacher training workshops.  Annually NRCEA collaborates with UHM’s National Foreign Language Resource Center on its summer institutes:  project-based learning language instruction.  NRCEA annually works with UHM’s Center for Chinese Studies to offer STARTALK Chinese Language Summer Camp for pre- and in-service teachers and middle school and high school students.  NRCEA collaborates with UHM’s Korean Language Flagship Center (KLFC) on offering Korean language training workshops for K-12 teachers and community school teachers.  In Summer 2016, NRCEA, KLFC, and UHM’s Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offered a Korean language OPI-ACTFL training workshop for graduate students and lecturers.

In collaboration with the Japan Studies Association (JSA), NRCEA contributed to a special study tour to Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 70th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War for sixteen MSI and community college faculty in 2015.  NRCEA will collaborate with JSA again in 2017 for a study tour to Okinawa for MSI and community college faculty.

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