About Us

The National Resource Center East Asia (NRCEA) at the University of Hawai`i is one of only 14 Comprehensive National Resource Centers (EA) in the country with both NRCEA and Foreign Language and Area Studies (EA) grants.  Administered by the East Asia Council (EAC), the NRCEA directs the East Asia component of the university’s degree programs, coordinates the acquisition and use of East Asia resources, and develops transnational East Asia projects.

Under the aegis of the University of Hawai’i School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS), the Centers for Chinese (CCS), Japanese (CJS), Korean (CKS), and Okinawan (COS) Studies, together, form the East Asia Council (EAC). The mission of the EAC is to 1) direct the East Asian component of university-wide degree programs, 2) coordinate the acquisition and use of East Asian resources, and 3) develop transnational East Asian projects and proposals. The Council also administers the National Resource Center East Asia.

The EAC coordinates all East Asian activities of the University of Hawai’i and is led by a coordinating committee of the directors of the Center for Chinese Studies (Dr. Fred Lau), the Center for Japanese Studies (Dr. Lonny Carlile), the Center for Korean Studies (Dr. Sang-Hyop Lee), and the Center for Okinawan Studies (Dr. Joyce Chinen). These directors are advised by and responsible to executive committees composed of East Asian faculty representing the larger membership and programs of the Centers.

Below is the organizational chart of the East Asia Council. Differences in staffing arrangements of the individual Centers reflect their unique histories and needs.

East Asia Council Organizational Chart

Director of CCS
Fred Lau

Chair, Director of CJS
Lonny Carlile

Director of CKS
Sang-Hyop Lee

Director of COS
Joyce Chinen

Associate Director
Cyndy Ning

Associate Director
Gay Satsuma

Administrative Assistant
Merclyn Labuguen

Office Assistant Ella Camacho

Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee

East Asia Council Staff

Fellowship Coordinator
Chizuko Allen

Fiscal Officer
Myra Yamamoto

The East Asian Studies  (EAS) resources include 141 faculty who teach over 360 EA courses across 23 academic units and 7 professional programs.  Of these, approximately 130 are language courses, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Korean, enrolling 4,400 students annually.  UH’s East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) Department is unparalleled, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  EALL is nationally recognized, awarded one of twelve Chinese Language Flagship Centers and the only Korean Language Flagship Center in the U.S.  UH offers degrees with EA focus in the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and professional programs.  Our graduates go on to use their EAS skills in government, private enterprise, K-12 schools and colleges as teachers across the nation.