Japanese Language FLAS Summer 2013

P1010364Congratulations to five UHM students who won FLAS support for summer language study in Japan: Jordan Trader, Erica Enomoto, Olivia Cassetta, James Utley, and Daniel Allen.  Students are attending advanced intensive programs at the Inter University Center in Yokohama, International Christian University in Mitaka, and Hokkaido International Foundation in Hakodate.  Asian Studies graduate student Daniel Allen is studying in Hokkaido, a good fit with his interest in winter sports areas.  Here, he surveys the Niseko ski area from the summit of Niseko Annapuri, looking across to Mt. Youtei,  the “Ezo Fuji.”  Daniels writes “One of my goals coming into the program was to improve to the point that I’d be able to conduct interviews in Japanese pertinent to my research….I was able to interview four people over the summer and discovered that I could generally convey what I wanted to ask…research with Japanese people is now a fairly feasible avenue for gathering information.”