Chinese Language FLAS, Summer 2013

-1Nine UHM students study Chinese language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore this summer.  With FLAS support, Brendan Galipeau, Lily Hui, and Teresa Porter are in China; Stevie Suan is in Taiwan.   Here, five in Singapore enjoy the company of Taiwanese exchange students at the Lau Pa Sat food center.  Far left, Ellen Meiser, far right, Dominic Pugliaresi. In the back with glasses, Susanne DeVore, flanked on left by Aixiu Cooney and behind right by Connie Nip.  Ellen Meiser, graduate student in China Studies, is improving her reading and writing.  “I definitely feel like my language abilities have greatly improved. Mandarin Chinese can be written in two different styles of characters: Traditional and Simplified. Prior to coming to Singapore, I could only read and write in Traditional. But, now I can read and write in both! I’m really pleased with the Chinese classes I’m taking here.