More Japan Film and Documentary Acquisitions

Recent Japan-related film and documentary acquisitions by Wong AV, Sinclair Library:

Bashing (feature film about a young woman who was kidnapped in Iraq and her cold reception
when she returns to Japan, 2005), Director: Kobayashi Masahiro
Call number: DVD 8202

Castle of Sand (feature film, 2003), Director: Nomura Yoshitaro
Call number: DVD 8250

The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches on (documentary on soldierns in WWII, 1987), Director: Kobayashi Sachiko
Call number: DVD 8254

Japan’s Longest Day (feature film on 8/15/1945, 1967), Director: Okamoto Kihachi
Call number: DVD 8255

Kamikaze Girls (feature film, 2004), Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Call number: DVD 8019

Love and Honor (feature film about a samurai and his wife, 2006), Director: Kimura Takuya
Call number: DVD 8248

Red Angel (feature film about the story of a military nurse, 1966), Director: Masumura Yasuzo
Call number: DVD 8249

Tokyo Streets (documentary on street life, fashion, 2007), Director: Charles Hieronymi
Call number: DVD 8284

Tragedy of Japan (feature film about a single mother, 1953), Director: Kinoshita Keisuke
Call number: DVD 8252

Young Thugs–Innocent Blood (feature film, 1997), Director: Miike Takashi
Call number: DVD 8251