Grandma and Her Ghosts

Grandma and Her Ghosts Study Guide (PDF format)

When he is shunted off to grandma’s house in the country, five-year-old Doudou makes an amazing discovery — his grandmother is a Daoist shaman, keeper of the village ghosts. Prowling around the urns in grandma’s forbidden shed, Doudou accidentally releases a terrible demon, which takes possession of grandma’s cat and then tries to trick the boy into selling the old woman’s soul. At once a crash course in Daoist folklore, a meditation on dying, and a gripping tale of spirit haunting, Grandma and Her Ghosts also paints a heartwarming picture of two hard-headed relatives learning to trust each other. As a rare example of Taiwanese feature animation (some of the drawing was also done in South Korea), it has the humor and smarts to engage all ages. – UCLA New Chinese Cinema Series