Library of Congress Florence Tan Moeson 2012 Fellowship Program Announced

The Asian Division of the Library of Congress announces the Florence Tan Moeson Research Fellowship Program for 2012. This Fellowship Program is made possible by a generous donation of Florence Tan Moeson, for 43 years a Chinese Team cataloger in the Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division at the Library of Congress before she retired in 2001. Mrs. Moeson passed away on November 15, 2008.

The purpose of the Fellowship Program is to give individuals the opportunity to use the Asian and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) collections in the Library of Congress to pursue scholarly research projects. The Library’s Asian collections are among the most significant outside of Asia and consist of over 2.8 million monograph, serial, newspaper, manusc-ript and microform titles in the vernacular languages of East, South and Southeast Asia. A considerable number of electronic resources are accessible via the Asian Reading Room. The Library’s AAPI collection was officially launched in 2007. It contains primary resource materials including monographs, serials, government reports, newspapers, census data, photos, oral histories, sound recordings, film, and miscellaneous ephemera pertaining to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

For more details regarding this fellowship and information about past awardees, please visit: The deadline for the 2012 application season is September 30, 2011.

The Florence Tan Moeson Research Fellowship awards total $14,000 each year for 10 years in support of grant support for research projects employing the Asian Division’s Reading Room and the Library’s extensive Asian collections. The grants are awarded upon demonstration of need through a competitive process. Grants are intended to subsidize the researcher’s transportation fares to and from Washington, DC, overnight accommodations and photocopying fees. Graduate students, independent scholars, community college teachers, researchers without regular teaching appointments, and librarians with a demonstrated need for research fellowship support are eligible to apply.

The Library’s Asian collections began in 1869 with a gift of 10 works in 933 volumes from an emperor of China to the United States. Spanning a diversity of subjects from China, Japan, Korea, the South Asian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and the Asian Pacific American community, the Library’s Asian and AAPI collections have become one of the most accessible and comprehensive sources in the world. To learn about the content of LC Asian and AAPI collections, visit the Library’s Asian Division’s website at:

Contact: Dr. Anchi Hoh, Co-Chair, Florence Tan Moeson Fellowship Program Committee,, 202-707-5673.

NRCEA Testing Project Underway

Under the direction of Dr. Kimi Kondo-Brown, the NRCEA testing project began initial data collection and testing in three areas, oral, listening, and reading proficiencies.


In March 2007, a total of eight Japanese teachers (four full time instructors, two lecturers, and two GAs) and two graduate students participated in a four day intensive ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) workshop. All except one completed the required OPIs for the practice round and are in the process of certification. Once certified as OPI testers, the group will be able to conduct departmental oral assessment activities. Plans for Summer/Fall 2008 include randomly selecting students from four sections of JPN 202/212 to have OPIs. All OPIs will be conducted by the in-house certified testers.


Thanks to excellent coordination and teacher cooperation, a total of 164 students from all JPN 100/101/111 classes (approximately 95% of the students enrolled in these courses) took the listening pretest and language learning survey in Spring 2007. Detailed background information on these students was also collected and the students will be tracked for the next two years to assess program impact in terms of their listening ability. Those students still enrolled at the end of their fourth semester will then be asked to take the same test and survey again. The survey and background data will be used to interpret their score gains.


In Fall 2007, the Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) reading test was administered to 175 first-semester students (101 and 100 students). Detailed background and language learning information from the student participants were also collected to properly interpret data. The test will then be administered again to all fourth-semester Japanese language students in Spring 2009 to examine how the reading skills of the students progressed over the two years. Already, considerable differences in reading ability exist among the students.

CRDG’s Cross-Currents Educational Website

This is a bilingual Japanese and English multimedia educational website being developed at the University of Hawai’i by CRDG, the Sociology Department, and the Communications Department with funding from the Japan-US Friendship Commission and the Center for Global Partnership. The website will serve as an interactive digital cultural resource containing materials on Japan, the US, and their interactions during the past 5 decades. Designed for use by students at the junior and senior high school and college level, it will also be available to the public.

We request funds for a teacher access and evaluation workshop in Year 1.