My Beautiful Girl, Mari

My Beautiful Girl Mari Lesson Guide (PDF format)
My Beautiful Girl Mari Lesson Guide (.doc format)

A lone seagull navigates downtown Seoul on a snowy winter night. As it perches on a tree branch, we focus on Namoo, a melancholic young man who works for a publishing company. He is reunited that evening with his childhood friend Junho on an empty boat and the two reminisce about their childhood. We are transported back to Gamp’o, a secluded fishing village. Namoo is twelve years old and lives with his widowed mother, ailing grandmother, and cat, Yeo. Still coping with the loss his father, Namoo frets about losing his mother to another man, his grandmother’s health, and the impending departure of his only friend Junho to Seoul. To escape this harsh reality, Junho finds solace in Mari, a mute girl who lives in a dream world of magic and wonder. – Juen Yoo, University of Hawai ‘i at Mānoa