Latest Volume of Korean Studies Now On Line

The on-line version of the latest volume (32) of Korean Studies, the journal of the University of Hawai’i Center for Korean Studies, is now available through Project MUSE, the on-line repository of humanities and social sciences journals.

Access to the table of contents and article abstracts is open to all at Access to the full text is restricted to those at participating institutions. UH faculty and students can get access through the UH library system (see

Articles in Volume 32 include:

  • “Between Defector and Migrant: Identities and Strategies of North Koreans in South Korea” by Byung-Ho Chung (pp. 1-27)
  • “Will South Korea Follow the German Experience?: Democracy, the Migratory Process, and the Prospects for Permanent Immigration in Korea” by Timothy C. Lim (pp. 28-55)
  • “Mixed Race Peoples in the Korean National Imaginary and Family” by Mary Lee (pp. 56-85)
  • “The Gay Rights Movement in Democratizing Korea” by Youngshik D. Bong (pp. 86-103)
  • “Emperor and Emissary: The Hongwu Emperor, Kwŏn Kŭn, and the Poetry of Late Fourteenth Century Diplomacy” by Dane Alston (pp. 104-147)
  • “On the Semantic Derogation of Terms for Women in Korean, with Parallel Developments in Chinese and Japanese” by Minju Kim (pp. 148-176)

The issue also contains reviews of thirteen books.

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More Japan Film and Documentary Acquisitions

Recent Japan-related film and documentary acquisitions by Wong AV, Sinclair Library:

Bashing (feature film about a young woman who was kidnapped in Iraq and her cold reception
when she returns to Japan, 2005), Director: Kobayashi Masahiro
Call number: DVD 8202

Castle of Sand (feature film, 2003), Director: Nomura Yoshitaro
Call number: DVD 8250

The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches on (documentary on soldierns in WWII, 1987), Director: Kobayashi Sachiko
Call number: DVD 8254

Japan’s Longest Day (feature film on 8/15/1945, 1967), Director: Okamoto Kihachi
Call number: DVD 8255

Kamikaze Girls (feature film, 2004), Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Call number: DVD 8019

Love and Honor (feature film about a samurai and his wife, 2006), Director: Kimura Takuya
Call number: DVD 8248

Red Angel (feature film about the story of a military nurse, 1966), Director: Masumura Yasuzo
Call number: DVD 8249

Tokyo Streets (documentary on street life, fashion, 2007), Director: Charles Hieronymi
Call number: DVD 8284

Tragedy of Japan (feature film about a single mother, 1953), Director: Kinoshita Keisuke
Call number: DVD 8252

Young Thugs–Innocent Blood (feature film, 1997), Director: Miike Takashi
Call number: DVD 8251

Japan Film Acquisitions

Thirty-two Japan-related films have been acquired for the Wong AV Center, Sinclair Library. Funding for the acquisitions came from a grant from the Japanese Studies Endowment, Center for Japanese Studies.

All about our House (film, 2006), Director: Mitani Koki
Call number: DVD 7832

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (film, 2006), Director: Watanabe Takeshi
Call number: DVD 8209

Black Rain (film based on the novel Black Rain by Ibuse Masuji, 1988), Director: Shohei Imamura
Call number: DVD 7512

Bullet Ballet (film, 2005), Director: Tsukamoto Shinya
Call number: DVD 8277

Cha no aji (film, 2003), Director: Ishii Katsuhito
Call number: DVD 8078

Densha otoko [Train man] (film, 2007), Director: Yamada Takayuki
Call number: DVD 7787

Dragon Painter (film, orig. released in 1919), featuring Sesshu Hayakawa
Call number: DVD 7887

Drunken Angel (film, orig. released in 1948), Director: Kurosawa Akira
Call number: DVD 8094

The Great Happiness Space (documentary on male escort services, 2006), Director: Jake Clennell
Call number: DVD 6526

Hana, the Tale of a Reluctant Samurai (film, 2005), Director: Koreeda Hirokazu
Call number: DVD 8201

Hotel Hibiscus (Okinawa) (film, 2002), Director: Nakae Yuji
Call number: DVD 7247

Hula Girls (film, 2007), Director: Lee Sang-Il
Call number: DVD 8012

Japan Journeys on the Tokaido (documentary, 2004), Company: Planete Bleue Communication
Call number: 8101

Mayonaka no Yaji san and Kita san [Yaji and Kita: the midnight pilgrims] (film, 2005), Director: Kudo Kankuro
Call number: DVD 8080

Mishima a Life in Four Chapters (film, 1985), Director: Paul Schrader
Call number: DVD 7227

Nihongami no sekai [World of traditional hairstyles] (documentary, 2004), Director: Ishihara Tetsuo
Call number: DVD 7241

Nobi Fires on the Plain (film, orig. released in 1959), Director: Ichikawa Kon
Call number: 8024

Otoko wa tsurai yo [Tora-san, our lovable tramp] (film, 1969), Director: Yamada Yoji
Call number: DVD 7569

Peep “TV” Show (film, 2003), Director: Tsuchiya Yutaka
Call number: DVD 8099

Private Life of a Masterpiece (documentary on Hokusai, 2004), Director: Bob Bentley, BBC films
Call number: DVD 7345

Repercussions (documentary on environmental challenges, 2007), Director: Anton Fischlin
Call number: DVD 7792

Rikidozan (film, 2004), Director: Song Hae-song
Call number: 7052

Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent or Paranoia Agent (anime, 2004), Director: Kon Satoshi
Call number: DVD 7961

Sansho the Bailiff (film, 1954), Director: Nagata Masaichi
Call number: 8088

Shall We Dance? (film, 1996), Director: Suo Masayuki
Call number: 8022

Shinobi Heart under Blade (film, 2007), Director: Shimoyama Ten
Call number: DVD 8013

Sway Producer, Kiichi Kumagai (film, 2006), Director: Nishikawa Miwa
Call number: DVD 8095

Ten Nights of Dreams (film, 2008), Director: Kon Ichikawa
Call number: DVD 8100

Trilogy about Clouds (anime, 1992-2005), Director: Tsuji Naoyuki
Call number: DVD 6023

Who’s Camus Anyway? (film, 2006), Director: Yoshikawa Hinano
Call number: DVD 8081

Wild Life Producers (gangster film, 2005), Director: Aoyama Shinji
Call number: DVD 8177

Wings of Defeat (documentary on the kamikaze pilots, 2007), Director: Morimoto Risa
Call number: DVD 8089