FLAS Recipient Olivia Steiger Shines at Competition

Olivia Steiger, MA Student in Asian Studies, competed at the 14th Chinese Bridge – Chinese Proficiency Preliminary Competition for Foreign College Students at the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona on April 4, 2015.

She performed 茉莉花 Molihua or Jasmine Flower, a traditional piece, and received Second Place in the competition and Best Overall Speech.  In the photo, she is playing Erhu.

This summer Olivia will be continuing Chinese and starting German in preparation for PhD study in Ethnomusicology.


FLAS Recipients Spend Year at IUC in Yokohoma

At IUC, I’ve not only been learning how to speak Japanese, but have also been learning more about yakuwarigo, how the language marks one’s social status, gender, age, etc., and have been working with a professor on looking at how pop culture uses this to convey information to its readers. It is incredibly interesting and I am really glad I had the opportunity to come out here to study and meet Japanese Studies graduate students from other areas of the US as well. The picture is of me at the summit of Mt. Yōtei in Hokkaidō, known as the Mt. Fuji of Ezo because of its resemblance. –Kim Shonborn, MA student (Asian Studies)

Kim on top of Mt. Yotei

In this past year I have made enormous strides in my understanding of both modern and classical Japanese. This has made communicating with traditional performance artists in my field of study so much easier and opened doors I would have been afraid to open before. The FLAS has enabled me to consider my research subject through the eyes of the people who live it every day and in the language they speak and think in.  –Alex Rogals, PhD student (Theatre & Dance)