Teacher Training Programs

Korean Teacher Training

2016 UHM Korean Language Flagship Center (KLFC) and National Resource Center-East Asia(NRCEA) Teacher Training Workshop (February 13-March 19, 2016).  Under the direction of Dr. Sang Yee Cheon, Director of KLFC and Associate Professor of Korean, nineteen participants (community and K-16 pre- and in-service Korean language teachers) took part in the workshop which included topics on textbook selection, National Standards, instructional technology, media-based curriculum, and assessment.  This workshop was the third in a series of KLFC-NRCEA teacher training workshops.  UHM has been a leader in Korean language instruction for many decades.

For more information on the degree programs and the Flagship Center, see:  http://www.hawaii.edu/eall/korean/

Project-Based Language Learning

2016 UHM National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) Project-Based Language Learning & Interculturality Intensive Summer Institute (June 27-July 1, 2016) with funding from NRCEA.  Twenty participants (K-16 language educators) took part in the institute which focused on how to design their own PBLL projects to incorporate intercultural telecollaborations in their language classrooms.

For information on this NFLRC institute and future events, see:  http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/events/

2016-2017 FLAS Recipients

Congratulations to the summer 2016 and academic year 2016-2017 Foreign Language Area Studies-East Asia recipients!

Summer 2016

Chinese (Mandarin)

  •             Robert York (PhD, History)
  •             Mia Porter (BBA, Finance)
  •             Sylvia Young (BA, EALL)


  •             Winslow Taylor (MA, Philosophy)
  •             Monique D’Almedia (MA, Art)


  •             Clara Hur (MA, Asian Studies)
  •             Kyle Akuya (BA, EALL)
  •             Aaron Allen (BA, EALL)
  •             Maile Pan (BA, EALL)
  •             Victoria Meza (BA, EALL)
  •             Lacey Bonner (BA, EALL)

Academic Year 2016-2017

Chinese (Mandarin)

  •             James Utley (PhD, History)
  •             Gregory Brown (PhD, EALL)
  •             Keahonui Kam (BBA, Business)


  •             Maura Stephens (PhD, Anthropology)
  •             Keely Zabonik (MA, Linguistics)
  •             Edward Massie Eisner (MA, Asian Studies)


  •             Brian H. Kim (MA, EALL)
  •             Brian J. Kim (MA, EALL)
  •             Kelly Watts (MA, EALL)
  •             Yea-Jin Kim (BA, EALL)

FLAS Feedback

This year I was able to take advanced Japanese language courses as well as Japanese philosophy seminars here at UH. I will be presenting a paper written for one of these seminars at the 2015 Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy this coming July.
I am now confident enough in my Japanese reading ability to be able to conduct research using original source materials for my PhD. After my coursework is complete, I intend to spend two years in Japan conducting research and writing my dissertation on Japanese philosophy.
Elyse Byrnes, PhD student, Philosophy