Required/suggested courses for Japanese Literature MA

Core Courses (12 credits)

  • Japanese Literature MA students are required to take at least four graduate courses in Japanese literature at the 600 level or above. Usually, one Japanese literature graduate course is offered each semester: one on modern literature in the fall semester, and one on pre-modern Japanese literature during the spring semester. Students are expected to take a balance of both modern and pre-modern literature courses regardless of individual research area, in consultation with their academic advisor. All students are strongly recommended to first take JPN 461 (Introduction to Classical Japanese), which is usually offered every Fall semester, before enrolling in pre-modern Japanese literature courses.

Linguistic Course (3 credits)

  • Japanese Literature MA students are also required to take a minimum of one graduate-level (600-level) Japanese linguistics course. This course may be chosen from the following areas in consultation with the advisor: Japanese phonology/morphology (JPN 601), Japanese syntax/semantics (JPN 602), Japanese language pedagogy (JPN 604) and Japanese sociolinguistics (JPN 606).

Seminar Course (3 credits)

  • The seminar course requirement can be satisfied with CHN 753, JPN 710, KOR 720 or their equivalent. With the academic advisor’s approval, students may use another 600 or 700-level seminar course to satisfy this requirement.

Elective Courses (6 to 12 credits)

  • Students can use any of the 600-level JPN literature courses as elective courses. In addition to CHN or KOR graduate-level literature courses, with the advisor’s approval elective courses may include courses offered outside of EALL. A maximum of two 400-level courses will count toward the degree. Only up to 3 credits of JPN 699 can count as elective credits

Last updated: April 2020