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JPN461 Students Engaging with Pre-Modern Japanese Works (Kotenseki)

On Friday, September 16, Prof. Tommasi’s “Intro to Classical Japanese” class visited the Hamilton Library to discover the …

2022 MEXT Award Ceremony

The Monbukagakusho Scholarship (MEXT) is a prestigious scholarship offered by the Japanese government. The Scholarship was established in …

NIJL–UHM Workshop

  The National Institute for Japanese Literature (NIJL), the UHM Library, the Japanese literature program in the UHM …

EALL 363B 20th Century Chinese Literature & Culture: 1919~1949

CHN 461 Introductory Classical Chinese

KOR 101

JPN452: Introduction to Japanese Pedagogical Grammar

EALL 363B: 20th-Century Chinese Literature & Culture

EALL 271: Japanese Literature in Translation (Traditional)

Welcome New Faculty Pier Carlo Tommasi!

  Q: What is your academic background?  I received my Ph.D. in East Asian Studies in 2019 from …