EALL Film Night: Streaming-Screenings from Fri 4/17, 6pm on Zoom


EALL Film Night
Friday, April 17 | 6 pm HST
Password: filmnight


Join us from the comfort of your home to experience the wonders of  East Asian cinema! Beginning Friday April 17th, we will be streaming three films from China, Japan, and Korea that explore the struggles of women in contemporary society. Discussion to follow screenings.


Our first film is Girls Always Happy by director Yang Mingming. Below is a description of the film written by Yun Peng:
Like her directorial debut Female Directors (2012), a mockumentary about two aspiring filmmakers turning the camera on each other, Yang Mingming’s first feature film Girls Always Happy (2018) (link to trailer) is another study of a close female relationship, this time between a daughter and a mother. The Chinese title, rou qing shi, literally means “a history of tender feelings.” The English word “tender” means “gentle” but also “sensitive to pain.” This doubleness turns out to be a good description of Yang’s approach. She likes to press tender buttons where it hurts the most. Her films are sensitive to how the thread of power relationship—a spider’s web of inequalities along the lines of gender, class, city residential status, etc.—insinuates itself into the most intimate spaces. Yang explores such fraught relationships with fearless honesty, but also with humor and a playful touch. Like Female DirectorsGirls Always Happy is as witty and warm as it is sharp-eyed and edgy. One can even call it an exercise in love: it is better to have a complicated relationship with a real, separate human being than to live in harmony with a figment of fantasy. The latter is no love at all.


Next Films:
4/24 (Fri), 6pm: Confessions (Japan, 2010)
5/1 (Fri), 6pm: The Truth Beneath (South Korea, 2016)
EALL Film Night is organized by Andre Haag, David Krolikoski, and Yun Peng.
Questions or concerns? Please contact Andre Haag at andreh@hawaii.edu.