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MURP Admissions

Application to the Master’s degree program in Urban and Regional Planning proceeds through two channels. Some materials are submitted to the Graduate Division, which reviews all graduate study applications and sends those meeting basic criteria to the appropriate academic units. Once the Department of Urban and Regional Planning receives the official documents from the Graduate Division, it supplements them with additional information provided by the applicant. When the application file is complete, the admissions committee is able to act on it.

The applicant should submit the following materials directly to the Graduate Division at:

Graduate Student Services
2540 Maile Way
Spalding 353B
Honolulu, HI 96822

  1. Application for Graduate Admission Form
  2. One official copy of transcript(s)
  3. If a native English-speaking applicant, an official report of the GRE or GRE Revised General Test aptitude test scores
  4. If a non-native English-speaking applicant, an official report of the TOEFL score

The following are to be submitted directly to the Admissions Committee of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (items 1, 2 and 3 should be submitted by the applicant and item 4 by his/her references):

  1. Completed Admissions Assessment Form
  2. Completed Express Information Form
  3. Completed Statement of Objectives
  4. Two letters of reference from persons well acquainted with the applicant’s academic work and/or professional experience

The deadline for receipt of application materials is March 1 for admission the following fall semester and September 1 for admission the following spring semester. Application materials, including all relevant forms, may be obtained from the Department. Official notification of admission or denial is issued by the Graduate Division, not by the Department.