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The Department of Urban and Regional Planning

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP), a unit within the College of Social Sciences, offers the following degrees:

The department also offers the following certificates:

The Department emphasizes theory, methodology and practice in the following areas known as course streams:

  • Community Planning
  • Environmental Planning and Sustainability
  • International Development Planning
  • Land Use, Transportation and Infrastructure Planning
  • Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

The Planning Profession

The problems faced by cities, counties and specific populations today demand innovative solutions from committed and thoughtful planners. Practitioners assist communities in planning for growth and change. They look at existing conditions and challenges, and help develop a vision of what a community could look like in the future. Professional planners help to address issues such as transportation, housing, social services, economic development, environmental and natural resources, globalization and disaster management. For more information, please review the ACSP’s Guide to Urban and Regional Planning or the U.S. News and World Report’s assessment of the urban planning profession.

For a list of application forms and deadlines, please refer to the Office of Graduate Education’s page for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.