The Curriculum in Brief  (effective Fall 2017)

Course requirements for the Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Planning (MURP)
PLAN 652 has been added to Practice Methods under Research and Practice Methods Courses

Prerequisite Descriptive/Inferential Statistics
Core Courses

(All six 3-unit courses)

18 credits total

PLAN 600:

Public Policy and Planning Theory

PLAN 601:

Planning Methods

PLAN 603:

Urban Economics

PLAN 620:

Environmental Planning and Policy

PLAN 640:

Land Use Policies and Programs

PLAN 678:

Site Planning

Prerequisite: PLAN 640

Plan Creation Implementation Practicum

(Choose one)

6 credits total

PLAN 751:

Planning Practicum

(6-unit course)

PLAN 754:

Urban Design and Planning Studio

(6-unit course)

Research and Practice Methods Courses

(3 courses total with minimum of 1 course from each category)

9 credits total

Research Methods:

PLAN 473:

GIS for Community Planning

PLAN 604:

Qualitative Methods in Planning

Prerequisite: PLAN 601

PLAN 655:

Planning Research Methods

Prerequisite: PLAN 601

PLAN 673:

Advanced GIS

Practice Methods:

PLAN 616:

Community Based Planning

PLAN 627:

Negotiation and Mediation in Planning

PLAN 661:

Collaboration Between Sectors

PLAN 645:

Land Use Planning

PLAN 652:

Policy Implementation and Program Evaluation


(PLAN courses in any specialization)

6 credits total

Choose two additional graduate level or upper division PLAN courses. Please note that any non-PLAN electives must be pre-approved by the student’s advisor.
Degree Option

(Choose one)

3 credits total


Select research thesis topic

PLAN 650:

Research Design Seminar

PLAN 700:

Thesis Research


Final Examination


Select applied capstone topic

PLAN 650:

Research Design Seminar


Capstone proposal and paper


Final Examination

Output Standards Certified as having been met
Total Credit Hours Minimum of 42 credit hours (including at least one credit taken during the semester in which the student intends to graduate)

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