Frequently Asked Questions on the Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Graduate Certificate Program

What is DMHA?
The Program on Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance is a Graduate Certificate Program, open to students in all graduate departments, as well as unclassified graduate students. If you are not a currently registered student at UH, you may enroll through Outreach College if you have graduated from an accredited college or university.
What courses are required to obtain the Graduate Certificate?
To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in DMHA, you must earn 16 credits, broken down as follows:

  • 6 units from the DMHA Core Course list
  • 9 units from courses in related subject areas chosen in consultation with your program advisor
  • 1 unit as a capstone experience, service or work project or publishable article

What are the “Core Courses?”

  • PLAN 473 GIS for Community Planning
  • PLAN 670 Interdisciplinary Seminar in DMHA
  • PLAN 671 Disaster Management: Understanding the Nature of Hazards
  • PLAN 672 Humanitarian Assistance: Principles, Practices and Politics
  • PLAN 673 Information Systems for DMHA

What types of courses qualify as “related subject areas” to count for the nine elective units?
The DMHA program is organized around the “all-hazards” and “all phases” principles, which implicates a diverse range of disciplinary points of view on the problem of disasters and assistance. Students from departments including meteorology, volcanology, social work, medicine, law, geography, psychology, as well as urban planning have all had coursework credited towards the DMHA field of study. Students may propose courses of interest, and show a rational relationship to their intended course plan and area of focus.

What is the “capstone” requirement?
The capstone requirement is accomplished by enrollment in a one unit directed study, and, in consultation with your DMHA advisor, performing a relevant project that integrates the knowledge and experience of your DMHA course of study. This can be a relevant work or service learning project, field work or research, or the production of a paper of publishable quality.

What type of careers do DMHA graduates have?
Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the DMHA graduate certificate, program alum can be found in almost every sector, from government organizations, non-profits, and private industry to university positions.  Our graduates work internationally and address diverse issues, email for a list of graduates and current positions.

Where do I start the admissions process?
You can email the Program Coordinator to determine the best way to enroll. Contact the coordinator at: Or you can also follow the application process provided on our website.