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DURP Mission

Urban and regional planning is a dynamic field that requires innovative solutions from committed and thoughtful individuals.

studentsHistorically, it emerged out of two concerns:

  1. The provision of urban infrastructure; and
  2. The initiation of social reform

Today, the underlying focus on community well-being continues. Urban and regional planning has broadened to include the development, implementation, and evaluation of a wide range of policies.

Urban and regional planners are specifically concerned with:

  • The use of land in the city, in the suburbs, and in rural areas, and particularly with the transition from one use to another
  • Potentially adverse impacts of human activities on a limited physical environment and the possible mitigation of those impacts
  • The design of the city and the surrounding region so as to facilitate the activities in which people need and desire to engage
  • Settlement systems and the location of human activities in urban and regional space
  • Identification of social needs and the design and provision of services and facilities to meet those needs
  • The distribution of resources, benefits and costs among people
  • The anticipation of change and its impact on how people do and can live
  • Participation of citizens in planning processes which affect their future
  • The way that choices are made, decisions implemented and actions evaluated, and the means by which those processes can be improved in urban and regional areas