Scripture of the Jade Pivot, Yushu jing 玉樞經

The Yushu jing 玉樞經, Scripture of the Jade Pivot, was written around 1200, possibly by Bai Yuchan 白玉蟾 (1194–1229), the fifth patriarch of the southern school of inner alchemy, or one of his associates. It is the central scripture of the Thunder Rites of the Shenxiao tradition, and the main vehicle of the supreme god of thunder, Puhua tianzun, also referred to as the Thunder Ancestor, Leizu 雷祖, or the Thunder Worthy, Leizun 雷尊.

This version of the Yushu jing is a unique, color-illustrated manuscript produced in the sixth year of the reign of the Jiajing Emperor of the Ming dynasty (1527).

The image shown is a portrait of Lunar Comet, Yuebo 月孛, a major goddess in Daoist rain-making rituals.

Property of Tenri Central Library.

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