Subject Depicted

Leibu 雷部 Thunder Department
Puhua tianzun 普化天尊 Celestial Worthy Transforming All
Leigong 雷公 Duke of Thunder
Dianmu 電母 Mother of Lightning
Yushi 雨師 Rain Master
Fengbo 風伯 Earl of Winds
Xin tianjun 辛天君 Celestial Lord Xin
Deng tianjun 鄧天君 Celestial Lord Deng
Tao tianjun 陶天君 Celestial Lord Tao
Bi yuanshuai 畢元帥 Marshal Bi
Ma yuanshuai 馬元帥 Marshal Ma
Wen yuanshuai 溫元帥 Marshal Wen
Zhang tianjun 張天君 Celestial Lord Zhang
Zhao yuanshuai 趙元帥 Marshal Zhao
Gou yuanshuai 苟元帥 Marshal Gou
Guan yuanshuai 關元帥 Marshal Guan
6,7,8,12 Si da tianjun 四(大)天君 Four Great Celestial Lords
10,11,13,15 Si da yuanshuai 四大元帥 Four Great Marshals

This image shows the Daoist supreme god of thunder, Puhua tianzun, surrounded by fourteen leading members of the Thunder Department, Leibu 雷部. See Copenhagen Scroll. Ethnographic Collection, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.

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