Animal heihu 黑虎 black tiger (accompanied by)
Emission lieyan 烈焰 blaze of fire around head
Body pifa xiangshang 披髮向上 hair standing up
Body hei huxu 黑鬍鬚 black beard
Body heiran 黑髯 black whiskers
Body heimian 黑面 dark face
Body zhoumei 皺眉 frown
Body yuanyan 圓眼 round eyes
Clothing zao zhaopao 皁罩袍 black cape
Clothing qing fengdai 青風帶 blue-green wind girdle
Clothing qing yaodai 青腰帶 blue-green waist girdle
Clothing yudai 玉帶 jade belt
Clothing bai baodu 白包肚 white stomach wrap
Clothing yunwen huang zhanqun 雲紋黃戰裙 cloud-patterned yellow battle skirt
Clothing dakou baiku 大口白褲 white trousers with wide openings
Clothing zhanxue 戰靴 army boots
Clothing jiaojiao tie putou 交腳鐵幞頭 cross-legged iron turban
Clothing huang moe 黃抹額 yellow headscarf
Clothing yaokai 腰凱 waist armor
Clothing xijia 膝甲 knee armor
Clothing bigou 臂鞲 lower arm armor
Clothing diaotui 吊腿 lower leg armor
Objectjinzhu liansuo 金珠鏈鎖 necklace lock of gold and pearls
Object tiebian 鐵鞭 iron whip in right hand
Object tiesuo 鐵索 iron chain in left hand

This iconographic feature analysis refers to the image of Marshal Zhao found at the end of the Tenri Library version of the Scripture of the Jade Pivot, Yushu jing (1527), where he serves as a guardian of the text. Many of the individual features are identified as cited in texts found in the 14th century ritual compendium, Daofa huiyuan 道法會元 (DZ1220), and in the late Ming dynasty hagiographical work Huitu sanjiao yuanliu soushen daquan 繪圖三教源流搜神大全. Property of Tenri Central Library.

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