Chen Rongsheng Collection

This collection of 72 ritual scrolls represents the totality of such scrolls possessed by Daoist High Priest, Chen Rongsheng 陳榮盛 of Tainan, Taiwan (b. 1927). They are used in his performances of classical Zhengyi/Lingbao liturgies as well as in funeral services. A few may date from the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), but most are from the late 19th century or later.

The image shows Celestial Master Zhang, Zhang tianshi 張天師, the founder of the Zhengyi tradition in the second century CE, with his sword and seal (wrapped in cloth), and placed in front of the Dragon-Tiger Mountain, Longhu shan, the current seat of the Celestial Masters in Jiangxi, China. It was painted by Su Qingyuan 蘇慶元 from Jiayi, Taiwan, around 1958. Su produced ritual scrolls under the direction of Chen Rongsheng, often based on old originals owned by Chen.

Collection of Chen Rongsheng, Tainan, Taiwan.

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