Dance Major (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue professional careers as dancers, teachers, and/or choreographers. Admission to the program is by audition held annually, usually in April.

Incoming students should declare BA Dance as their major then audition for the BFA degree program during the spring semester of that academic year if interested in the BFA program.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 62 credit hours, including:

Other Requirements

BFA Dance students are required to participate in at least two UH dance productions per year. At least one must be in a performance capacity. Attendance at the BFA audition is required each year by the BFA major. Prior to the Senior Project (DNCE 495), BFA students must audition choreography for a fall or spring student concert by the sixth semester of the dance major. BFA majors are required to register for a technique course every semester.

Graduation requirements include the submission of a portfolio of student work including a student assessment essay, exit interview, and survey.

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