Dance Major (BA)

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

This degree is designed for students with a broad interest in dance and allows them maximum flexibility to satisfy requirements in their greatest areas of interest.

Students must complete 40 credit hours: 29 credits of required courses and 11 of elective courses. BA majors are required to register for and attend a technique course each semester. Elective credit hours are determined in consultation with an advisor and based on the student's desired focus within dance, such as children's dance, choreography, dance ethnology, or technical theatre production.

Course Requirements

Other Requirements

BA Dance students are required to participate in at least one UH dance production per year (eg., student dance concerts, main stage dance concerts) as a performer or stage crewmember. BA majors are required to attend the annual end-of-year assessment class/BFA audition. BA majors are required to take at least one technique class per semester.

Graduation requirements include the submission of a portfolio of student work including a student assessment essay, exit interview, and survey.

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