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Jonathan L. Deenik



Soil Fertility, Soil Quality, Sustainable management of fertilizers and soil amendments in conventional and organic farming systems, soil organic matter and carbon and nitrogen cycling


BA Art History/History, College of Wooster, 1985, MS Soil Science, University of Hawaii, 1997, PhD Soil Science, University of Hawaii, 2003

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Nutrient management in tropical soils with a focus on soil organic matter, waste management, integrating animal and crop production systems. Carbon and nitrogen cycling in in managed and natural systems. Food security, environmental stewardship and human health in tropical Pacific Island environments.

Selected Publications:

  • Deenik, J. L., A. Diarra, G. Uehara, S. Campbell, Y. Sumiyoshi and M. J. Antal. 2011. Charcoal Ash and Volatile Matter Effects on Soil Properties and Plant Growth in an Acid Ultisol. Soil Science 176(7): 336-345.
  • Deenik, J.L., T. McClellan, G. Uehara, M.J. Antal, and S. Campbell. 2010. Charcoal volatile matter content influences plant growth and soil nitrogen transformations. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 74:1259-1270
  • Ahmad, A., A. Fares, F. Abbas, and J.L. Deenik. 2009. Nutrient Concentrations Within and Below Root Zones from Applied Chicken Manure in Selected Hawaiian Soils. J. Environ. Sci. Health, Part B, Vol.44, No.8
  • Fares, A., F. Abbas, A. Ahmad, J.L. Deenik, and M Safeeq. 2008. Response of selected soil physical and hydrologic properties to manure amendment rates, levels and types. Soil Science 173(8)522-533.
  • Deenik, J.L., and R.S. Yost. 2008. Nitrogen mineralization potential and nutrient availability from five organic materials in an atoll soil from the Marshall Islands. Soil Science Vol 173(1):54-68
  • Deenik, J,L., and R.S. Yost. 2006. Chemical Properties of Atoll Soils in the Marshall Islands and Constraints to Crop Production. Geoderma 136:66-681.
  • D.C. Olk, K.G. Cassman , K. Schmidt-Rohr , M.M. Anders,J.-D. Mao, and J.L. Deenik. 2006. Chemical stabilization of soil organic nitrogen by phenolic lignin residues in anaerobic agrosystems. Soil Biol. Biochem. 38(11):3303-3312.
  • McDowell, M.L., G.L. Bruland, J.L. Deenik, S. Grunewald, and N.M. Knox. 2012. Soil total carbon analysis in Hawaiian soils with visible to near-infrared and mid-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. Geoderma. In Press