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Nancy Jung Chen

Junior Researcher 


Plant Physiology, Food Processing, Plant Molecular Biology


B.S. 1974, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan; M.S. Food Science 1977 University of Hawaii at Manoa;Ph.D. Botany 1982 University of Hawaii at Manoa; MBA 1995 University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Research Interests:

Application molecular biology to fruit ripening, postharvest physiology

Selected Publications:

  • Ming, R., QY Yu, P. H. Moore, R. E. Paull, N. J. Chen, M. L Wang, Y. J. Zhu, M. A. Schuler, J. Jiang, A. H. Paterson. 2011. Genome of papaya, a fast growing tropical fruit tree. Tree Genetics and Genomics In press
  • Thumdee, S., A. Manenoi, N. J. Chen, R. E. Paull. 2010. Papaya Fruit Softening: Role of Hydrolases. Tropical Plant Biology 3, 98-109.
  • Paull, R. E., B. Irikura, P. F Wu, H. Turano, N. J. Chen, A. Blas J. K. Fellman, A. R. Gschwend, C. M.Wai, QY Yu, G. Presting, M. Alam, R. Ming, 2008. Fruit Development, Ripening and Quality Related Genes in the Papaya Genome. Tropical Plant Biology 1: 246-277.
  • R. E. Paull and Nancy Jung Chen. 2007. Postharvest handling and storage of the edible red seaweed Gracilaria. Postharvest Biology and Technology 48: 302-308.
  • Theeranuch Jaroenkit, Nancy Jung Chen and Robert E. Paull. 2008. Nectar Secretion, Mucilage Production and Mold Growth on Bird-of-Paradise Inflorescences. Postharvest Biology and Technology 49: 431-435
  • Chen NJ, Paull RE, Chen CC, Saradhuldhat P (2009) Pineapple production for quality and postharvest handling. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 822: 253-260.
  • Paull, R. E. and N. J. Chen. 1983. Postharvest variation in cell wall-degrading enzymes of papaya (Carica papaya L.) during fruit ripening. Plant Physiology 72: 382-385.
  • Chen, N. J. and R. E. Paull. 2003. Endoxylanase expressed during papaya fruit ripening: Purification, cloning and characterization. Functional Plant Biology 30:433-441.
  • Paull, R. E. and N. J. Chen. 1987. Changes in longan and rambutan during postharvest storage. HortScience 22:1303-1304.
  • Chen, N. J. and R. E. Paull. 1991. Heat shock response in field grown papaya fruit. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 115:623-631.