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Brian Turano

Assistant Specialist/Professor 


Bioenergy crops and forage


Ph.D., University of Hawaii, Manoa, Genetics and Molecular Biology, 1995; B.S., University of Rhode Island, Microbiology, 1980

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Genetic improvement of perennial grasses for bioenergy and forage; Sustainability Science and Education

Selected Publications:

  • Wells, J.M., Crow, S. E.,Ogoshi, R., Turano, B., and Hashimoto, A. 2015. Optimizing feedstock selection for biofuel production in Hawaii: CuO oxidative lignin products in C4 grasses. Biomass and Bioenergy 83:511-515.
  • Tiwari, U., Turano, B., and Jha, R. 2014. Nutritional Characteristics and In Vitro Digestibility by Near Infra Red Spectroscopy of Local and Hybrid Napiergrass Varieties Grown in Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions. Animal Production Science 54:1775-1778.
  • Ogoshi, R., B. Turano, Uehara, G., Yanagida, J., Illukpitiya, P., Brewbaker, J., and Carpenter, J. 2010. Evaluation of cellulosic feedstocks for biofuel production. In Khanal, S.K., R.Y. Surampalli, T.C. Zhang, B.P. Lamsal, and R.D. Tyagi (eds.) Biofuel and bioenergy from biowastes and biomass. ASCE, Reston, VA.
  • Turano, B., Ogoshi, R., and Uehara, G. 2008. A Systems Approach for Transforming America's Agriculture and Economy from a Fossil to a Fiber-based Energy Future, USDA BEAD II Grand Challenge
  • Chen, C.C., Turano, B., Ruest, P.J., Hagel, M., Settleman, J., and Thomas, S.M. 2005. Regulation of Rho and Rac Signalling to the Actin Cytoskeleton by Paxillin during Drosophila Development. Molecular and Cellular Biology 25:979-987.
  • Turano, B. and Humphreys, T. 1994. Quantitative Determination of Phosphorothioate-modified Oligodeoxyribonucleotide persistence. Biotechniques, 17:266-267.
  • Turano, B, Pear, M. and Busath, D. 1992. Gramicidin Channel Selectivity. Molecular Mechanics Calculations for Formamidinium, Guanidinium, and Acetamidinium. Biophysical Journal, 63:152-161.
  • Turano, B., Ogoshi, R., and Uehara, G., “Can Biofuels from Non-food Sources End the Food Versus Fuel Debate,” Solicited paper for the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum, 2008.
  • Ogoshi, R., Yanagida, J., Turn, S., Illukpitiya, P., Uehara, G., Turano, B., Brewbaker, J., Carpenter, J., and Kinoshita, C. “Biofuels and Crop Assessment Report,” Prepared for Dole Foods and Castle and Cook, 2008.
  • Kinoshita, C., Uehara, G., Brewbaker, J., Carpenter, J., Ogoshi, R., Turano, B., Hashimoto, A. G., and Turn, S. “Biofuels Market Overview,” Prepared for Kamehameha Schools, 2006.