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Theodore Radovich

Associate Specialist 


Ecology, yield and quality of food crops.


B.Sc., Horticulture, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1994; M.Sc., Horticulture, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 2000; Ph.D., Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University, 2004

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

My research program is focused on understanding how crop yield and quality can be optimized in agricultural systems that reduce reliance on conventional chemical inputs and increase use of ecological farming practices.

Selected Publications:

  • Farhad, W., M.A. Cheema, M.F. Saleem, T. Radovich, F. Abbas, H.M. Hammad and M.A. Wahid. 2013. Yield and quality response of maize hybrids to composted poultry manure at three irrigation levels. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 15:181-190.
  • Radovich, T. J.K., A. Pant, I. Gurr, N.V. Hue, J. Sugano, B. Sipes, N. Arancon, C. Tamaru, B.K. Fox, K. D. Kobayashi, and R. Paull. 2012. Innovative use of locally produced inouts to improve plant growth, crop quality, and grower profatibility in Hawaii. Horttechnology, 22(6): 738-742.
  • Pant A., T.J.K. Radovich, N.V. Hue, and N. Q. Arancon. 2012. Pak choi (Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group) yield, phytonutrient content, and soil biological properties as affected by vermicompost to water ratio used for extraction. HortScience 47:395-402
  • Mitschele, R.S., T.J.K. Radovich, A. Fares, and A. Ahmad. 2012. Application and Evaluation of a Rapid Nitrate-N Test for Soil Solution under a Perennial Peanut Living Mulch. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis (43:1237-1246).
  • Pant, A., T.J.K. Radovich, N.V. Hue, R. Paull. 2012. Biochemical Properties of Compost Tea Associated with Compost Quality and Effects on Pak Choi Growth. Horticulturae Scientia 148:138-146.
  • Arancon, N, A. Pant, T.J.K Radovich, N. V. Hue, J. K. Potter, C. E. Converse. 2012. Seed germination and seedling growth of tomato and lettuce as affected by vermicompost water extracts. HortScience 47:1722-1728.
  • Radovich,T.J.K. 2011. Biology and Classification of Vegetables. Chapter 1 in: Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing. Wiley-Blackwell, Iowa.
  • Pant, A., T.J.K. Radovich, N.V. Hue, N. Arancon. 2011. Effects of Vermicompost Tea (Aqueous Extract) on Pak-choi Yield, Quality, and Soil Biological Properties. Compost Science and Utilization 19: 279-292.
  • Radovich, T. 2011. Moringa (Moringa oleifera). Pp. 329-340 in: C.R. Elevitch (ed.). Farm and Forestry Production and Marketing Profiles for Pacific Islands. Permanent Agriculture Resources (PAR), Hōlualoa, Hawai‘i.
  • Radovich, T.J.K. 2010. Cabbage Flavor. Chapter 38 in: Handbook of Vegetable Flavors: Commodities, Products, Spices and Edible Oils. John Wiley and Sons, New York.


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