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Ty G. McDonald

Associate Extension Agent 


Ornamentals and Landscaping


M.S. (Agronomy), University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 1998; B.S. (Plant & Soil Science), University of Vermont, 1983

Research Interests:

Plant Health Care IPM; Plant Propagation

Selected Publications:

  • Refereed publications Miyasaka, S.C., J.D. Hanson, T.G. McDonald and G.K. Fukumoto. 2007. Effects of nitrogen and potassium in kikuyu grass on feeding by yellow sugarcane aphid. Crop Protection 26 (2007) 511-517.
  • Miyasaka, S.C., J.D. Hanson, G.K. Fukumoto, T.G. McDonald. 2003. Screening kikuyu grass for resistance to yellow sugarcane aphid. 2003 Annual Meeting, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Soc. of America, Soil Science Soc. of America. (poster).
  • Extension publications Hara, A., Niino-DuPonte, R. Jacobsen, C., Chun, S., McDonald, T., Nagamine, W., and Heu, R. 2005. Cycad Scale on Sago Palm. Cooperative Extension Service, UH-CTAHR Cooperative Extension Service Publication IP-23, Oct. 2005. Hara, A., Niino-DuPonte, R. Jacobsen, C., Chun, S., Nagata, N., McDonald, T., Nagamine, W., and Heu, R. 2004. What's killing my sago palm? Cycad scale. University of Hawaii, CTAHR and Hawaii Department of Agriculture. (tri-fold brochure).
  • Industry publications McDonald, T. 2004. Organic-based landscaping increases. Hawaii Landscape, July/Aug. 2004. McDonald, T. 2004. Invasive pest reconnaissance. Big Island Association of Nurserymen Quarterly Newsletter, Jan.-May 2004.
  • Newsletter development West Hawaii Ornamental & Landscape E-news (WHOLE). 2005-present. A quarterly UH-CTAHR Cooperative Extension Service newsletter, in electronic format, for stakeholders in the landscape (design, installation, maintenance) and ornamental plant nursery (production) industries in West Hawaii.