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Pearl City, HI 96782

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Russell Galanti

Junior Extension Agent 


Plant Physiology, soil science, horticulture practices


MSc. Tropical Plant and Soil Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa BSc. Horticulture Science, Temple University

Research Interests:

Applied horticultural practices, green infrastructure, plant health, variety trials, urban horticulture, urban arboriculture

<p> <p> Russell is the ornamental landscaping, nursery crops, and floriculture extension agent for Oahu. His extensive work background in the horticulture field and his education in plant and soil science in the tropics allows him to develop an extension program bringing together these industries.</p> <p> Russell's interests lie in improving best management practices in the landscaping industry that promote sustaining culture and environment, as well as tackling difficult challenges like pest and disease control and biocontrol. Russell has specialties in horticulture practices, plant physiology, and soil science.</p> <p> Ornamental horticulture plays an important role in society. The presence of ornamental plants in human environments are known to effect human attitudes and behaviors in many positive ways. In many cases ornamental plants provide ecological services in urban and suburban conditions where endemic plants would not thrive or survive. Ornamental horticulture brings the diversity and beauty of our natural world to the every day environment for human consumption and appreciation. These are some of the reasons we should enjoy and promote ornamental horticulture.</p> <p> The ornamental extension program's goal involves developing solutions to current problems and improving industry practices to develop a thriving ornamental industry for the benefit of Oahu and the state of Hawai'i.</p> <p> Aloha</p></p>