Sherman 221
3190 Maile Way, St. John 102
Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-6593


Nhu H. Nguyen

Associate Professor/Researcher 


Soil microbiology, mycology, symbiosis


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; B.S. Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Diversity and function of microorganisms in rhizosphere and other soil environments; symbiotic association between fungi and bacteria; systematics, ecology and co-evolutionary genomics of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus and their Pinaceae hosts.

Selected Publications:

  • Nguyen NH. 2018. Longevity of light and dark-colored basidiospores from saprotrophic mushroom-forming fungi. Mycologia 110:131-135. DOI: 10.1111/nph.15008.
  • Hynson NA, Frank KL, Alegado RA, Amend AS, Arif M, Bennett GM, Jani AJ, Medeiros MCI, Mileyko Y, Nelson CE, Nguyen NH, Nigro OD, Prisic S, Shin S, Takagi D, Wilson ST, Yew JY. 2018. Synergy among microbiota and their hosts: Leveraging the Hawaiian archipelago and local collaborative networks to address pressing questions in microbiome research. mSystems. 3:e00159-1, doi:10.1128/mSystems.00159-17
  • Fernandez C, Nguyen NH, Stefanski A, Han Y, Hobbie S, Montgomery R, Reich PB, Kennedy P. 2017. Reduced boreal tree host photosynthetic performance in response to warming selectively alters ectomycorrhizal fungal community structure. Global Change Biology 23:1598–1609. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13510.
  • Nguyen NH, Vellinga EC, Bruns TD, Kennedy PG. Phylogenetic assessment of global Suillus ITS sequences supports morphologically defined species and reveals synonymous and undescribed taxa. Accepted to Mycologia.
  • Nguyen NH, Williams L, Stefanski A, Vincent J, Cavender-Bares J, Messier C, Paquette A, Gravel, D, Reich P, Kennedy PG. 2016. Ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungal diversity are linked to different tree community attributes in a field-based tree experiment. Molecular Ecology 25:4032-4046.
  • Nguyen NH, Song Z, Bates ST, Branco S, Tedersoo L, Menke J, Schilling J, Kennedy P. 2016. FUNGuild: an open annotation tool for parsing high-throughput fungal community datasets by ecological guilds. Fungal Ecology doi:10.1016/j.funeco.2015.06.006
  • Nguyen NH, Bruns TD. 2015. The microbiome of Pinus muricata ectomycorrhizae: community assemblages, fungal species effects, and Burkholderia as important bacteria in multi-partnered symbioses. Microbial Ecology 69:914-921.
  • Nguyen NH, Smith D, Peay KP, Kennedy P. 2015. Parsing ecological signal from noise in next generation amplicon sequencing. New Phytologist 205:1389-1393.
  • Ceja-Navarro JA, Nguyen NH*, Karaoz U, Gross SR, Herman DJ, Andersen GL, Bruns TD, Pett-Ridge J, Blackwell M, Brodie EL. 2014. Compartmentalized microbial composition, oxygen gradients and nitrogen fixation in the gut of Odontotaenius disjunctus. The ISME Journal 8:6-18.
  • Nguyen NH, Suh S-O, Marshall C & Blackwell M. 2006. Morphological and ecological similarities: wood-boring beetles associated with novel xylose-fermenting yeasts, Spathaspora passalidarum gen. nov., sp. nov. and Candida jeffriesii sp. nov. Mycological Research 110:1232-1241.