Sherman 221

Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-6593


Nhu H. Nguyen

Assistant Professor/Researcher 


Soil microbiology, mycology, symbiosis


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; B.S. Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Diversity and function of microorganisms in rhizosphere and other soil environments; symbiotic association between fungi and bacteria; systematics, ecology and co-evolutionary genomics of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus and their Pinaceae hosts.

Selected Publications:

  • Nguyen NH, Vellinga EC, Bruns TD, Kennedy PG. Phylogenetic assessment of global Suillus ITS sequences supports morphologically defined species and reveals synonymous and undescribed taxa. Accepted to Mycologia.
  • Nguyen NH, Williams L, Stefanski A, Vincent J, Cavender-Bares J, Messier C, Paquette A, Gravel, D, Reich P, Kennedy PG. 2016. Ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungal diversity are linked to different tree community attributes in a field-based tree experiment. Molecular Ecology 25:4032-4046.
  • Nguyen NH, Song Z, Bates ST, Branco S, Tedersoo L, Menke J, Schilling J, Kennedy P. 2016. FUNGuild: an open annotation tool for parsing high-throughput fungal community datasets by ecological guilds. Fungal Ecology doi:10.1016/j.funeco.2015.06.006
  • Rineau F, Stas J, Nguyen NH, Kuyper TW, Carleer R, Vangronsveld J, Colpaert J V, Kennedy PG. 2016. Ectomycorrhizal fungal protein degradation ability predicted by soil organic nitrogen availability. Applied Environmental Microbiology 82:1391-1400.
  • Song Z, Schlatter D, Kennedy P, Kinkel, Kistler HC, Nguyen NH; Bates S. 2015. Effort Versus Reward: Preparing samples for fungal community characterization in high-throughput sequencing surveys of soils. PLOS ONE 10: e0127234.
  • Nguyen NH, Bruns TD. 2015. The microbiome of Pinus muricata ectomycorrhizae: community assemblages, fungal species effects, and Burkholderia as important bacteria in multi-partnered symbioses. Microbial Ecology 69:914-921.
  • Nguyen NH, Smith D, Peay KP, Kennedy P. 2015. Parsing ecological signal from noise in next generation amplicon sequencing. New Phytologist 205:1389-1393.
  • Ceja-Navarro JA, Nguyen NH*, Karaoz U, Gross SR, Herman DJ, Andersen GL, Bruns TD, Pett-Ridge J, Blackwell M, Brodie EL. 2014. Compartmentalized microbial composition, oxygen gradients and nitrogen fixation in the gut of Odontotaenius disjunctus. The ISME Journal 8:6-18.
  • Nguyen NH, Landeros F, Garibay-Orijel Roberto, Hansen Karen, Vellinga EC. 2013. The Helvella lacunosa species complex in western North America: cryptic species, misapplied names and parasites. Mycologia 105:1275-1286.
  • Nguyen NH, Suh S-O, Marshall C & Blackwell M. 2006. Morphological and ecological similarities: wood-boring beetles associated with novel xylose-fermenting yeasts, Spathaspora passalidarum gen. nov., sp. nov. and Candida jeffriesii sp. nov. Mycological Research 110:1232-1241.