206A St. John Plant Science Lab
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Honolulu, HI 96822

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Michael G. Muszynski

Assistant Professor 


Molecular mechanisms controlling plant growth and development, plant hormone signaling pathways, maize genetics and genomics, gene function analysis


PhD Genetics, Iowa State University, 1992; BA Biology, Univ. of Toledo, 1985.

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Research Interests:

My research program focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that control plant development using genetic, molecular and genomic approaches. My research projects are multi-scale, ranging from dissecting the structure-function relationships of a plant hormone receptor protein, to defining the gene expression networks acting at cellular scales in defined plant tissues, to determining the molecular mechanisms by which different plant hormone pathways interact to control overall organ (leaf) growth. We use maize as a model system and integrate genetic, genomic, molecular, bioinformatic, histological and physiological studies conducted in the field, green house and molecular lab.


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