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Noa Kekuewa Lincoln

Assistant Professor 


Indigenous Crops and Cropping Sysytems


Stanford University, PhD Terrestrial Biogeochemistry and Social Ecology

Courses Taught:

Selected Publications:

  • Lincoln, N. & P. Vitousek. (2015) Nitrogen Fixation During Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Decomposition is and Important Source of Nitrogen in Traditional Hawaiian Agriculture. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability.
  • Lincoln, N., & Ardoin, N. (2015) Cultivating Values: Environmental Values and Sense of Place as Correlates to Sustainable Agricultural Practices. Agriculture and Human Values
  • Lincoln, N., Chadwick, O. M., & Vitousek, P. M (2014) Soil Fertility Indicators and Opportunities for Pre-Contact Farming in Kona, Hawai‘i. Ecosphere 5(4), 42.
  • Lincoln, N. & Ladefoged, T. N. (2014) Agroecology of pre-contact Hawaiian dryland farming: the spatial extent, yield and social impact of Hawaiian breadfruit groves in Kona, Hawai‘i. Journal of Archaeological Science 49, 192-202.
  • Lincoln, N. (2014) Effect of various monotypic forest canopies on earthwork biomass and feral pig rooting in Hawaiian wet forests. Forest Ecology and Management 331, 79-84.
  • Lincoln, N, & Ardoin, N. (2015). Farmer Typologies: Who is Farming How and What. Food, Culture, and Environment
  • Lincoln, N., Bartz, J., Choy, M., & Penney, S. (2009) Carbon Measurement Technologies and Risk Management Strategies. Produced for the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Ellison, B., OÊ»Connell, D., Lincoln, N., Nahoopii, D., Kimura, K., Richards, L. (2008) Assessment of Water Resources and Suggested Tribal Water Strategy. Produced for Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu.
  • Lincoln, N. (2010). Ethnobotanical Guide to Native Hawaiian Plants. Bishop Museum Press; Honolulu, HI.
  • Lincoln, N. (2014). Soil nutrient and carbon assessment for HokuNui, Makawao, Hawaii. Produced for HokuNui.


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