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Alyssa H Cho

Assistant Researcher 


Sustainable farming systems; tropical fruits and nuts


Ph.D. Agronomy, Tropical Conservation and Development, University of Florida
M.S. Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida
B.S. NREM, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Variety by environment evaluation, sustainable weed management, cropping systems, sustainable land use practices.

The sustainable tropical fruit and nut systems lab aims to develop interdisciplinary teams to address issues related to tropical fruit and nut production. Sustainable production must be economically, environmentally and socially viable.

Research programs in this lab take into consideration the input from industry groups, associations, and partners to develop studies that will address the needs of our stakeholders. Examples of crops that are currently being addressed in this lab include: Macadamia nut, Papaya, Coffee, Cacao, Avocado, Breadfruit, and Mango.

Current research focuses on integrated pest and nutrient management in macadamia nut orchards to maintain the productivity of the orchards and ensure longevity of the industry. For more information, please visit the lab website (link is below).

Selected Publications:

  • Cho, A., N. Chen and R. Paull. 2016. Modification of production systems for year-round marketing. Acta Horticulture.
  • Vos, C. and A. Cho. 2016. Preliminary report on the mineral composition of papaya soil and plant tissue in Puna, Hawaii. Pacific Agriculture and Natural Resources 1:1-10. http://hilo.hawaii.edu/panr/writing.php?id=299.
  • Cho, A.H., C.A. Chase, R.L. Koenig, D.D. Treadwell, J.B. Morris, and J.P. Morales-Payan. 2016. Phenotypic evaluation of sixteen accessions of sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) for vegetative and reproductive characteristics in Florida. Agronomy Journal 108:2417-2424 doi:10.2134/agronj2015.0531
  • Cho, A., G. MacDonald, B. Tillman, R. Kemerait, D. Sammons, D. Rowland, J. Williams, and S. Sargent. 2016. Evaluation of peanut genotypes for foliar disease resistance and yield in Guyana and Florida. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture. Vol.34, No. 3.
  • Cho, A.H., D. Chakraborty, and D.L. Rowland. 2016. Gender representation in faculty and leadership at land grant and research institutions. Agronomy Journal 109:14-22. doi: 10.2134/agronj2015.11.0566
  • Cho, A., G. MacDonald, J. Williams, and E.D. Isele. 2015. Peanut farming in the rural interior of Guyana. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 31:9-11. doi:10.1017/S1742170515000356.
  • Cho, A.H., C.A. Chase, D.D. Treadwell, R.L. Koenig, J.B. Morris, and J. P. Morales-Payan. 2015. Apical dominance and planting density effects on weed suppression by sunn hemp in Florida. Hort. Sci. 50:263-267.
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  • Cho, A.H., S.A. Johnson, C.E. Schuman, J.M. Adler, O. Gonzalez, S.J. Graves, J.R. Huebner, D.B. Marchant, S.W. Rifai, I. Skinner, and E.M. Bruna. 2014. Women are underrepresented on the editorial boards of journals in environmental biology and natural resource management. PeerJ 2:e542 Selected as one of the “PeerJ Picks of 2015” http://dx.doi.org/10.7717/peerj.542
  • Cho, A.H., A.W. Hodges, and C.A. Chase. 2012. Partial budget analysis of summer fallows for organic nutrient and weed management in Florida. Hort. Tech. 22:258-262.