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Orville C Baldos

Assistant Researcher 


Native plant materials development for ornamental use (i.e. landscape, indoor and floriculture); landscape and ornamental horticulture; landscape and turf weed management; seed dormancy


PhD Horticulture (Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology), University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2013; MS Horticulture and Weed Science (Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology), University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2009; BS Agriculture (Landscape Horticulture), cum laude, University of the Philippines Los Banos, 2002

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Selection and development of native Hawaiian plants for ornamental and landscape use, specifically, developing propagation, establishment and landscape maintenance techniques; Selection of non-invasive ornamental plants; Use of locally available inputs for ornamental production

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Selected Publications:

  • Baldos O.C., DeFrank J. & S.B. Lukas. 2017. Evaluation of 3 hydromulch planting techniques for establishing Fimbristylis cymosa (mau‘u ‘aki‘aki), a native Hawaiian coastal sedge with roadside revegetation and landscape ground cover potential. Native Plants Journal 18(1):20-31.
  • Lukas, S.B., DeFrank, J. & O.C. Baldos. 2016. Determination of optimal seed harvest timing for Panicum torridum based on growing degree day heat unit accumulation. Seed Technology Journal 37(2):151-159.
  • Lukas, S.B., DeFrank, J. & O.C. Baldos. 2016. Optimization of Waltheria indica seed dormancy relief treatments and seed storage parameters. HortScience 51(9):1184-1187.
  • Lukas, S.B., DeFrank, J., Baldos, O.C. & G.S. Sakamoto. 2015. Response of seashore dropseed and weed species to the preemergence herbicide oxadiazon applied as a component of a hydromulch cap. HortTechnology 25(4):565-568.
  • Baldos, O.C., DeFrank J. & G. Sakamoto. 2015. Germination response of dormant tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus) seeds to smoke-infused water and the smoke-associated stimulatory compounds, karrikinolide (KAR1) and cyanide. HortScience 50(3):421-429.
  • Baldos O.C., DeFrank J., Kramer, M. & G. Sakamoto. 2014. Storage humidity and temperature affects dormancy loss and viability of tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus) seeds. HortScience 49(10):1328-1334.
  • Baldos O.C., DeFrank J. & G. Sakamoto. 2012. Pre- and postemergence herbicide tolerance of tropical fimbry, a native Hawaiian sedge with potential use for roadside revegetation. HortTechnology 22(1):126-130.
  • Baldos O.C., DeFrank J. & G. Sakamoto. 2010. Tolerance of transplanted seashore dropseed to pre-and postemergence herbicides. HortTechnology. 20(4):772-777
  • Naranja L.R., Arquiza A.L., Baldos O.C., Sacdalan M.M., Soligam-Hadsall, A.C. & M.C.E. Balladares. 2005. Dendrobium sibuyanense Lubag-Arquiza, Naranja, Baldos and Sacdalan sp. nov., a new orchid species from the Philippines. The Philippine Agricultural Scientist 88(4):484-488


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