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Amjad A Ahmad

Jr. Researcher 


Soil Physics, Soil fertility, Sustainable and Organic Farming


PhD. Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii-Manoa; M.Sc. Legume crops-growth and production, Mosul University; B.Sc. Agronomy, Mosul University.

Research Interests:

Sustainable and organic agriculture, Crop diversity, Plant growth, yield, and quality, Soil fertility and plant nutrition, Soil physical properties, Non-point source of pollution, Best management practices.

Selected Publications:

  • Ahmad, A.A., T.J.K. Radovich, H.V. Nguyen, J. Uyeda, A. Arakaki, J. Cadby, R. Paull, J. Sugano and G. Teves. 2016. Use of Organic Fertilizers to Enhance Soil Fertility, Plant Growth, and Yield in a Tropical Environment. In: M.L. Larramendy and S. Soloneski, (eds.), Organic Fertilizers-From Basic Concepts to Applied Outcomes. Chapter 4, p: 85-108.
  • Chandrappa Gangaiah, Amjad A. Ahmad, Hue V. Nguyen, and Theodore J.K. Radovich. 2016. A correlation of rapid Cardy meter sap test and ICP spectrometry of dry tissue for measuring potassium (K+) concentrations in pak choi (Brassica rapa Chinensis group). Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. (In Press).
  • Amjad. A. Ahmad; Theodore J.K. Radovich, and Nguyen V. Hue. 2015. Effects of intercropping different legumes on growth of sweet corn (Zea mays). Journal of Crop Improvement, 29(3): 370-378.
  • Amjad. A. Ahmad; N. V. Hue, and Theodore J.K. Radovich. 2014. Nitrogen release patterns of some locally made composts and their effects on the growth of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa, Chinensis group) when used as soil amendments. Compost Science & Utilization 22(4): 199-206.
  • Amjad A. Ahmad; A. Fares, N. V. Hue, M. Safeeq, T. Radovich, F. Abbas, and M. Ibrahim. 2014. Root Distribution of Sweet Corn (Zea mays) as affected by Manure Types, Rates and Frequency of Applications. J. Animal & Plant Sci. (JAPS), 24(2): 592-599.
  • Radovich, T., A. Pant, A. Ahmad, C. Elevitch, and N. Hue. 2014. Enhancing soil function and plant health with locally available resources. Book Chapter In: Food-Producing Agroforestry Landscapes of the Pacific (Series). Hawaii, USA.
  • Ahmad, A.A., A. Fares, and N. V. Hue. 2012. Nitrate Dynamic in a Tropical Mollisol Amended with Organic Manures, Planted with Sweet Corn, and Monitored with SPAD Readings. Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 43(17): 2274–2288.
  • Ahmad, A.A., A. Fares, F. Abbas, and J. Deenik. 2009. Nutrient concentrations within and below root zones from applied chicken manure in selected Hawaiian soils. J. Environ. Sci. & Health, Part B. Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Waste, 44(8): 828-843.
  • Fares, A, F. Abbas, A. Ahmad, M. Safeeq, and J. Deenik. 2008. Response of Selected Soil Physical and Hydrological Properties to Manure Amendment Rates, Level, and Types. Soil Science, 173(8): 522-533.