Plant Sciences and Genetics Option

This option is for those who are interested in a career in research. It focuses more on plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics and the recent adaptations and applications of biotechnology.

The option crosses the traditional boundaries that have separated genetics, plant physiology, molecular biology, and traditional crop production areas. It links laboratory approaches and plant production systems through the application of plant biotechnology to solve multi-disciplinary problems. Students can select courses that allow concentration on genetic engineering to address real-world problems or to whole plant physiology and plant breeding.

Students selecting this option must take Biology 171 and 171L (or their equivalent) and Chemistry 161 and 161L (or their equivalent). Some of these courses will fulfill part of the Natural Science requirement of the UH General Education Requirement. These courses are considered prerequisite to courses in the major.

Prerequisite to major (All required)

BIOL 172/172L Introductory Biology II
BIOL 270/270L Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 406/406L Cellular Biology
BIOL 407/407L Molecular Biology
CHEM 162/162L General Chemistry II
CHEM 272/272L Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 273 Organic Chemistry II

Major Requirements

TPSS 200 Tropical Plant Science
TPSS 300 Tropical Crop Production Systems
TPSS 351 Enterprise Management

Major Courses

(Take a minimum of 14 credits from the following)

TPSS 440 Tissue Culture/Transformation
TPSS 450 Nutrient Mgmt Soils & Plants
TPSS 453 Plant Breeding and Genetics
TPSS 470/470L Plant Physiology
TPSS 499 Directed Study
MBBE 402/402L or Biol 441/441L Principles of Biochemistry


(Take 14 credits from the following)

BIOL 407/407L Molecular Biology
GEO 101 The Natural Environment
TPSS 409 Cultural Biogeography
TPSS 460 Soil Plant Atmosphere
BOT 201/201L Plant Evolutionary Diversity
BOT 361 Flowering Plant Families
BOT 410/410L Plant Anatomy