Environmental Soil Sciences Option

This option involves the study of natural land and soil resources and their effective management to preserve this valuable natural resource.

The Environmental Soil Science option will prepare students to effectively manage soil for the production of agricultural commodities and preserve this important natural resource for the benefit of man and the protection of the environment.

Students selecting this option need to take Botany 101 and 101L (or their equivalent) or Biology 172 and 172L (or their equivalent), Chemistry 15l and 151L and 152 and 152L or 161, and 161L and 162 and 162L (or their equivalent), Economics 130, Physics 151 and 151L, and Business writing (English 209). Some of these courses will fulfill part of the Natural Science requirement of the UH General Education Requirement. These courses are considered prerequisite to courses in the major.

Major Courses

(The following courses need to be taken for this major option)

TPSS 200 Tropical Plant Science
TPSS 300 Tropical Crop Production Systems
TPSS 351 Enterprise Management
TPSS 304 Fundamentals of Soil Science
TPSS 435 Environmental Soil Chemistry
TPSS 450 Nutrient Management Soils & Plants
NREM 301 Natural Resource Management
Math 215 Calculus


(The student must take 12 credits from following electives for this option)

TPSS 460 Plant Soil Atmosphere Physics
TPSS 499 Directed Study
NREM 461 Soil Erosion and Conservation
MICRO 485 Microbial Ecology
MET 101 Introduction to Meteorology
GEOG 101/101L The Natural Environment
ICS 101/ 101L Tools for the Computer Age