Topics in Food Science

TPSS 701


Aurora Saulo


  • To increase competence in using the Internet to search accurate, scientific information in food science and technology;
  • To develop the ability to communicate professionally with colleagues using traditional methods, such as telephone, letters, facsimile, and technology-based ways, such as electronic mail;
  • To understand advanced technologies and research studies in food science;
  • To be able to communicate the principles, methodologies, recent research results, and conclusions on these advanced technologies or research studies with the use of proper scientific terminologies;
  • To develop the ability to create, hypothesize, and take risks in concept development using these advanced technologies and research studies.

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Internet searches; Ability to discriminate between science-based and junk science information

Computer skills to be acquired:

Enhanced proficiency in WebCT


Graduate standing or consent of Instructor


None. All course materials will be posted on the web.

Films and videos:

Posted on the web

Guest Speakers:

Called E-Lecturers, will conduct classes online

Field Trips:

To be announced

Course organization:

  • The course will be conducted via the Internet using any browser of your choice. Published class hours will be used for real-time chats. Totally web-based courses are available 24 hours during the semester. To access the class, you would need to have a WebCT account.
  • There will be one electronic Lecturer (e-Lec) for each week. Please follow the class schedule posted under SYLLABUS.
  • The COMMUNICATION TOOLS will be used for interactive classroom environment. 
  • Reading materials and assignments will be posted under ANNOUNCEMENTS. E-Lecs will have the option of giving e-pop quizzes or exams.
  • Please follow each E-Lec’s posted consultation hours. Although this mode of learning allows 24-hour access to the course, each Lecturer may be consulted only at specified posted times.
  • There will be no mid-term examination


Class Participation 60% - 100%
Quizzes and Exams, if given 40%